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Plans & Pricing


Bookkeeping is billed at $35/hr and has a minimum monthly fee of $100. After three month clients will move to a fixed rate. "Bookkeeping services" includes maintaining books for the current period of record keeping, bank reconciliations, adjusting entries, allocations, and requested reports. Bookkeeping will be performed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Fees Must Be Paid On A Recurring Schedule, One Month In Advance (i.e. January Payment for February Services, etc.).


Development or restructuring of the chart of accounts. This service is charged at a flat rate. Call for free consultation today!


Account catch up/clean up.

Due to the unpredictable nature of this service, there is no flat rate available. This service is charged by the hour at a rate of $50.00/hour.

Projects with less than a 30-day deadline will be considered rushed and will be charged a higher hourly rate.

Call for free consultation today!


This service is charged at a rate of $10 per employee per payroll.

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